First Mother's of Adopted Children

The holistic retreats and wellness days are for first mothers of adopted children. Women who were separated from their child, or children through an adoption experience, either through a voluntarily placement of your child ,or through a forced adoption.  

Open to women from Ireland and abroad, if you are in a reunion, or not.  Both first mothers/first families hold a position in the adoption trad that is the least understood, the least researched, and the most stigmatized.    

These retreats and wellness days are a sacred, safe and nurturing wholistic yoga space for first mothers to come together in community, while sharing a common bond. Both setting and practice is therapeutic and tranquil. 

The schedule generally consists of: A very gentle physical yoga practice, short meditations, and yoga nidra ( deep relaxation ), which all help to bring body/mind awareness, while also helping to heal the embodied trauma and grief that can come with adoption loss. 

Experiential group work. Walks out in nature while exploring our beautiful tranquil Irish landscape. Delicious healthy vegetarian foods. Own bedroom - en suite, but often that depends on the venue rented and availability of space there.

The space is both very compassionate and gently assertive, with the heart being the centre of all beings. If you come alone, you will feel great companionship. 

A place to have a voice, share and listen, and gain more insight. While moving from a place of regret, shame and guilt, to a place of acceptance, peace and empowerment.

The weekend retreats started in 2014 which have grown organically over time & consist of two per year, spring and autumn. The summer wellness day started in 2017, which is an annual event. 

No experience in yoga is needed to attend, as the practice is very gentle with mindful movements.

Kindly go to the contact page to reach us for full info for our next one, and Christina who is a first mother, will be with you shortly.


I have done several weekends

I have done several weekends with Christina and I find that she creates a really lovely safe healing space.  I find it easy to share my story and I feel heard and understood. I find the gentle yoga practise and relaxation is helping me to heal body, mind and spirit in a very nurturing and caring way.

Terri. 2017.

Christina's retreats and

Christina's retreats and wellness days are always well-paced and balanced in carefully chosen venues which are conducive to healing. I have attended them from the start and am happy to return because of the quality of support she provides for the participants. I feel I have benefited hugely from her calm, empathic and gentle approach. 

Ann. 2017.

Dear Christina, I felt the

Dear Christina, I felt the weekend on the whole was really good for me. Meeting other women and sharing our stories is always a useful exercise. Taking time together for Yoga and other activities is a healthy and empowering way forward for all of us. The Wellwood Centre was a super venue and of course I love Kilkenny city anyway. 

Chat again, Eileen. 2017.

Christina, Thank you so much

Christina, Thank you so much for organising the meeting in the beautiful Wellword Centre. It was so worthwhile and a breath of fresh air to speak openly with people who understand. I am very grateful to you for inviting me to be part of a special group of mothers. You're a special lady yourself with a great sense of care and compassion.

Wishing you well, Mary. July, 2017.

Wellness day July, 2017.

Wellness day July, 2017. I had the pleasure of attending Christina's wellness day . It was the most idealistic setting, and Christina was so welcoming. She guided us through various yoga and relaxation exercises. Through her own experience, and having reached out to many first mother's, Christina has a very calming influence and is very sensitive to the many emotions that first mother's experience during the different stages of loss/searching/reunion or reunion breakdown. The workshop created an opportunity for reflection and encouraged discussion. Meeting, talking & listening with the other women was very helpful also.

I highly recommend Christina wellness day's to all first mother's. To enable the healing process, and to protect our emotional health. It is so important to acknowledge our loss in a safe environment with others who truly understand our grief.

Thank you Christina. Yvonne.