Chroi Yoga classes for children range in Age from 3 - 10 . Depending on the emotional, physical & learning challenges,  & needs of the individual child to how the class will be instructed. 
Yoga games, music, stories, & yoga picture cards are often used.  Sometimes themes relating in with the seasons, world celebrations, or/and birthday's are incorporated into the class also.  The practice of the physical postures can help build strength, flexibility, body coordination & body awareness. Breath Awareness is always practiced in some way throughout each class by the use of various breathing techniques that  relate to animals . These breathing exercises can help a child deal with anxiety, anger & tension , & we have some that can help strengthn the voice. Relaxation is always done at the end to allow the body to rest, & the mind to settle. Each class is different, creative, fun & often dynamic. The stages of the childs energy are actknowledged . Yoga is Non-Competitive: no medals / rewards / scores. Only unconditional love . Chroi Yoga classes are incouraged through the art of mindfullness. Private or Public Classes offered.
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Chroi Yoga for Families is for the Whole Family.  Ranging in Age from Toddlers/ Primary Age/ Tweens /Teens - to Adults.   A Chroi Yoga Class for Families is a Family Ritual Time. Family Bonding. Sharing that special time together.  The yoga practice is done in a light-hearted ,Fun & Non-Competitive way.   All coming together in  Community.  Good Healthy Fun Atmosphere for one hour , one Sunday a month. In Family Yoga the older children - tweens/ teens & adults do the stronger poses , ie: Downward Dog, or Plank against the wall, to form shapes like bridges, tunnels etc, so that the younger children can crawl under them, its Great Fun, the children LOVE this especially, because its a time for PLAY in Yoga . A beautiful way for family & community connection. The class has three parts, like in a story: begining, middle & an end.    At the end of Family Yoga we do a lovely little relaxation, followed with our yoga bell circle , then closure.  See photo gallery. Check Timetable for next class. Full Details/Bookings - Go to Contact Page.                                                                                   All Diversities Very Welcome.                                                                                        



Chroi Yoga Classes for Teenagers is done in a Safe, Sensitive & Non-Competitive way. The postures are much related around building confidence & strength in Mind, Body & Spirit.  Some Pranayama Breathing Techniques are used, These help with focus on the breath, calm the mind, clear throat & lungs which can help greatly over time with vocal cords & vocal expression. Small sections of partner yoga is used for connection amongst peers. Yoga Nidra is offered at the end of every class for that deep relaxation, which brings Body/Mind & Spirit into Union, also great for reconnecting Body Alignment & Balancing of Hormones - very important for tweens/teens especially. Followed by circle sharing - which is strictly confidential within the group, & then closure.  Yoga helps the teen become more body aware & great for their mental health & wellbeing.  Private or Public Classes Offered.
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All chroi yoga practice  is encouraged in a  mindful & respectful manner, acting more from a Heart Space. Independence is encouraged , respect for self, others & the environment that we live in.
There are many great benefits to people  who practice yoga, like muscle strengthening, breath & body awareness, balance & co-ordination,concentration, body fitness, and most importantly connecting with self - a reminder of who we trully really are, and learning to stay centered and focused. Yoga is a great holistic health support system to all. 

Chroi Yoga Welcomes All Families from All Diversities.



Interview - May 2016