First time I ever participated in a yoga class, was a vinyasa style yoga, Dublin, Ireland 1992. I was intrigued that something very different had happened. The yoga practice had touched something in me called awareness.

Since then Yoga has continued for me to be a journey, where I have gone in and out of, but now its a steady daily practice .            I see it as an enquiry into the whole self, my true nature.  It helps keep me more grounded, & open to a more balanced heart & mind. Yoga for me is about spirituality & character development & keeps me in tune & harmony with nature & the rhythm of life itself. It also helps keep my body strong , fit & in alignment. Yoga is a Way of Life for me.

Swan on the River Barrow, by Tony Hunt
Swan on the River Barrow, by Tony Hunt

Having lived in California for six years where I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga, & when I returned to my birth place Ireland in 2009 I decided to do a yoga teachers training course in Hatha Yoga  for adults. And then set out to teach to the public in 2011.

Soon after I went on to do a training in Yoga for Children, Families & Teenagers so I could bring Yoga to everyone in Schools & Communities. My Yoga TT is ongoing, in all areas. 

Swan on the River Barrow, by Tony Hunt
Vriksana (Tree Pose)




My classes , retreats & workshops are rich with both a therapeutic & educational approach. They are enjoyable for all Chroi Yoga Students,young & older.                    

Live Musicians often accompany our classes as music helps us be inspired by the beauty & harmony it brings & enriches the yoga practice for all ages.     



 My training in Ki Massage, an ancient Holistic Massage from Japan, gives me a deeper understanding of the human body.  'Ki' meaning Energy. This training taught me more about taking care of the Body Temple.


When I stand into Tree Pose, I quietly reflect on the wonderful beneficial qualities that a tree brings, I breathe deeply down into the pose, as it gives me a great grounding into my own Soul. I have a great love of trees & water & all that nature brings us.

A Big Thanks to all my wonderful Chroi Yoga Students , Families, & First Mothers whom I learn so much from.  And to all the other Yoga Teachers  & Tutors from all over the World who inspire me.