Yoga for Schools

Children, teenagers, and young adults, either in mainstream or those with any extra learning challenges, be it emotionally or physically, can all benefit greatly from yoga.

Yoga brings awareness to both body and mind, which helps students to feel more grounded and connected within themselves.

Yoga is very much about mindful breathing - meditation , which help the mind to slow down and become more centered and peaceful.

Yoga  develops & strengthens both  fine and gross motor skills by practicing  mindful - physical movements and postures in yoga. This also helps with coordination & balance.

Yoga is about relaxation  ,where the student lays to rest on the yoga mat at the end of each class , or sitting in a school desk, while letting go of all thoughts & allowing the body to stop moving & the mind be still.                                                                                                                                                             Yoga embraces the Early Childhood AISTEAR Curriculum also, in promoting well-being, identity and belonging ,communication learning and thinking.

The practice of Yoga helps the student let go of stress in mind & body, which  enhances their coping skills & helps build resilience in dealing with life itself, & other many things like low self-esteem , bullying & the demands/pressures that are often unconsciously put on them by society. Yoga helps with exam anxiety and concentration skills. The practice of yoga helps them to become & live a more conscious life, & connect more with being accepted, integrated part of their school, family and community.  

I strongly believe that either a short daily practice, or, a 1.5 hour weekly class  needs to be an integral part of every school's curriculum -  just like any other subject.  Yoga needs to be brought to every child, teenager and young adult , both to those who are under served, and to those who are well off so that all children's wellbeing is boosted.

By implementing a daily ' wholistic ' yoga practice to your school helps to boost the wellbeing of all students, which in turn, will extend into their family & community, as they are all connected under one umbrella.

If you require a fully qualified trained yoga teacher for your school, please go to the chroi yoga contact page , and Christina who is also a fully qualified montessori teacher with trainings from both Ireland & California, will be in touch shortly. And if she is not available, she will gladly recommend another suitable yoga teacher for your school.