Tony Keogh

Christina is a fantastic yoga teacher. Her style of teaching though therapeutic and gentle, is also very powerful and trans-formative. It demonstrates a very deep understanding of yoga. After leaving a class with Christina I felt at once invigorated and at peace

Jan. 2015.

Susana Solari, Amatsu Therapist

Christina Breen is a very caring yoga teacher who is constantly making sure the student is performing the postures in a safe manner. She either encourages those who can challenge their bodies a bit more, or adjusts each posture to the very new to yoga. Her instructions and posture demonstrations are very clear. The pranayama portion of the class helps me develop a natural body awareness contributing to a calmer mind and a sense of well being that has been induced by the postures. And Christina's soothing voice gently leads her students during the last part of the class to a profound state of relaxation . I personally find myself very relaxed by the end of the classes and continue to experience the benefits the following days when my body feels aligned, energized and with a better posture. But that's not all, Christina often brings Live Music to her Chroi Yoga Workshops creating a really very soothing and extra comfortable atmosphere!!

Amatsu Practitioner.
Jan. 2013.

Edel Moran, 5th March 2014

It was through Christina I had my first introduction to Hatha yoga when I took six private classes from her in 2012 . I also participated in a number of workshops run by Christina in 2013 & since then yoga has become part of my everyday life. Christina is an insightful, nurturing and warm teacher and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking to improve flexibility, de-stress or just clear the mind. I have always found Christina very professional and enthusiastic in her approach and I really like her gentle style of teaching. She manages to provide a therapeutic atmosphere and balanced instruction, as well as accommodating the mixture of abilities that are present in the class.


Hi Christina,

Just a very quick email to say thank you again for this afternoon's peaceful and mindful yoga practice. It was a really calm and integrating workshop, and a lovely way to finish the weekend. The Live Flute Music gave a lovely focus at the workshop and reinforced the mindfulness of the practice also. 

Thanks again,

May. 2014.

Caroline & Niall

Our two daughters have been attending Christina's Children's Chroi Yoga Classes since she set them up two years ago ,here in Dublin. She is really wonderful with our children, because she also has been taking care of them part - time for us ( full time during school holidays) for over the last 4 & 1/2 years, while at the same time pursuing her career in Yoga also. Christina is not only very caring & very responsible, but with her hugely extensive training/background in Education ,she works with the girls on an educational level also by especially encouraging Independence & Responsibility (their level only). We have left Christina totally in charge with the girls while we were way on vacation, because we totally trust her. Both our girls have become little Yogini's with the experience from Christina's classes, which they really enjoy going to. Enjoying especially the freedom of flexibility & the relaxation techniques involved. We would highly recommend Christina's yoga classes for Children & Family Yoga too.

Caroline & Niall.
March 2014.


Our 5 year old daughter loves Chroi Yoga for Children and Family Yoga with Christina to such an extent that she has decided to be a yoga teacher when she grows up! As Parents, we have observed the calming and grounding benefits of Christina's yoga classes over the past year for our child. We thoroughly enjoy the sense of healthy community that Christina creates with Family Yoga as well. We've nothing but hands-down praise for Chroi Yoga!

Danielle Vierling & Francois Jondeau.
Jan. 2013.

Stephanie Hyland, Kids Yoga Trainee/Student

Christina-Just a quick note to say thanks for allowing me to come in & observe in your yoga classes during my training as a yoga teacher for children. From my very first meeting with you , you were very professional, even wanting to meet me personally beforehand to discuss the classes. The Kids Yoga Teacher training course I’m completing in The Elbow Room has gone great for me because you kindly gave me the space & time to observe how you run & work your yoga classes with the children. I’ve learned so many skills from observing your dynamic classes, & such as how classes should flow, fun yoga games, managing behaviours in class, and also the importance of relaxation for health in children. Now all I have to do is get out there and use these valuable skills you taught me!

Thank You.
Feb. 2014.

Susana Solari, Amatsu Therapist

Hi Christina,

I 've seen the beautiful Yoga Teaching ( & Photos) you are doing with all these Children & Artists !!! I'm also amazed with Honor's Yoga Practice. You have clearly given her & all the children, many life-lasting skills & tools. Good for you my friend ;))

Ainoa & Alex

We did not know that Partner Yoga existed until we knew Christina and from the first moment we got enchanted with it. It is a way of not only bringing awareness and caring about your body and mind health, but also about your partners one and the relationship in between both. Christina is a professional, sensitive and tranquil person with the ability to transmit calm and relax which make her classes very therapeutic and enjoyable.



My name is Martin, a 26 year old Dutch Martial Arts Aficionado. I received a number of private yoga classes from Christina in 2013.  I found yoga great to increase my flexibility and relaxation of the body. Yoga also stimulates listening to one's own body. These are all to the benefit of my martial arts too. Christina is a very knowledgeable instructor whom I can greatly recommend. 

Keep up the good work Christina!!
April. 2014.