My name is Martin, a 26 year old Dutch Martial Arts Aficionado. I received a number of private yoga classes from Christina in 2013.  I found yoga great to increase my flexibility and relaxation of the body. Yoga also stimulates listening to one's own body. These are all to the benefit of my martial arts too. Christina is a very knowledgeable instructor whom I can greatly recommend. 

Keep up the good work Christina!!
April. 2014.

Anne Murray, Children's Yoga Teacher & Primary School Teacher

From my first meeting with Christina I found her to be an honest and sincere person with a passion for yoga as a way of life.   There was always an atmosphere of calm and of openness at Chroi Yoga Classes. It really impressed me that Christina, rather than come to her class with a set lesson plan to get done, she instead, always took time at the start of her yoga classes to observe how each of the children were that day in order to understand what they needed most from their yoga practice. Christina was always calm and caring and she guided the children to explore their own individual yoga practice in fun and imaginative ways. Thanks so much to Christina and the Children at Chroi Yoga for all you taught me during my training. Namaste.

Anne Murray.
Summer 2014